Cross Trading (Triangle Trade)


Transportation and payment occur in different places

Also called triangular trade, Triangle Trade, this system is used for transporting cargo from country A to country B, while payment is held in country C.

For example, with a vendor (export source) outside Japan and a sales destination (consignee) in a third country, it is possible to avoid going through Japan and directly ship the cargo from the vendor to the sales destination, therefore reducing shipping costs.

A switch bill of lading can be issued when you want to keep the vendor and sales destination anonymous. In addition, even if using your own factory as the export source and the final sales destination is known, cross trading services can be used if you want to pay the shipping fees.

We can offer various types of shipments because we have a great deal of experience in cross trading.

*1. Switch Bill of Lading: This is a bill of lading issued at the loading port of any country (apart from the loading port country) for cargo delivery purposes that will replace the one issued at the export source (loading port).

Case study

Customer inquiry

Want to export machinery from Hong Kong to the USA.

Shipment information
Port of loading Hong Kong
Port of dischargeAny country (Netherlands, Singapore, USA)
Range of arrangementsCustoms clearance, vanning, ocean freight
solution 実例紹介

Our agents in China will export the cargo and issue its bill of lading.

The switched bill of lading is issued in Japan.

Costs can be paid in Japan.